WATERCOLOR #2. Blacks And Flowers

From the last time I was posting my attempts of watercoloring – Spring Art Therapy – surprisingly I continued with it. Apart from the psychological help, it does keep my eyes away from monitor which I don’t see only when I’m sleeping sadly. And for that I’m grateful.

After gathering pictures for last 1.5-2 months firstly, I got sad because I realized how not enough time I have for drawing, and secondly noticed the pattern I feel inside lately – doomed eating-me darkness and desperate attempt to get out of it with a lot of bright colors.


Lately I was feeling mute.

Writing is also talking in a way and I definitely didn’t feel like talking, even if it’s just characters talking in my head. Never the less the need of doing something apart from main things was getting to the level of itching of hands. And so last month I ended up directing my perception into colors instead of letters.

My choice landed on drawing with watercolors. Why? Drawing is silent as it can possibly be. And watercolor technique seemed always like a total magic of playing with water and pigmentation – somehow during childhood I didn’t have a chance to try watercolors and having no experience with it but adoring it at the same time assigned it in my box of “magical” know-hows.