So.. Who the hell am I? And why am I doing it?

My name is Alyona. I’m 28. I’m interested in self development, yoga, direction of being vegan and many other things that I think might help me to create something I’d like to see in myself and not feel like an amateur human being.

I write, draw, practice yoga… Currently I live in Czech Republic.

Who needs it?

Selfishly – me, it’s its main purpose. But I do hope other people like me interested in self development and improving oneself one step at a time would find it useful.

I write about many things, but only because I find them all important for balanced self development. Occasionally I use blog as a personal diary though often not in the obvious way – in a form of a poem or a story.

Contact me about pretty much anything at this email address hi@amateurbeing.me

I’ll be sincerely happy to receive any feedback or opinion.